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The Game’s On-Again Off-Again Fiance Says Infidelity Damaged Relationship


Joy MarieMarried to the Game star Tiffney Cambridge is in an on-again, off-again relationship with rapper The Game, which is played out on her VH1 reality show. Fans watched their relationship break down last season while the pair — who have two children together — planned their wedding. And this season, it’s more of the same as Cambridge tries to pick up the pieces after calling off the wedding two weeks before the big day.

Cambridge failed to walk down the aisle, but she doesn’t regret doing the show. “No, actually I don’t regret the show and I don’t think that the show had anything to do with the wedding being postponed,” Cambridge tells ABC News Radio. “I think the issues going on at the time were the reasons why we decided to push it back.”

“I really think that the show has really opened everything up; allowed other people to get a glimpse into what I go through and what he goes through,” she adds.

VH1’s Married to the Game gives a peek inside the complicated relationship of two people from two different sides of the tracks: Cambridge, a teacher with a Master’s degree, and Game — who goes by his birth name Jayceon Taylor on the show — a gangster rapper from Compton. Cameras follow the two as they try to raise their children, King Justice, 6, and Cali Dream, 2.

The show also details how difficult it is to raise a family amidst the late-night partying and long studio hours of a rapper in Hollywood.

Cambridge admits infidelity played a role in the relationship’s break down.  “I think that infidelity issues have come up in our relationship. I think that once your trust has been broken and you’ve had that break in your relationship, I do think it’s hard to get it back,” she dishes.

The Game agrees, telling ABC News Radio last year, “Reality set in. There were infidelity issues on my part…and I think after a woman’s [been] cheated on, I don’t think you ever, ever really regain that trust 100 percent.”

Still, Cambridge says they’re in a better space now. “We’re cool, you know? We’ve been co-parenting and getting along and working through the relationship issues, but we’re in a good space. So we’re both happy,” she says.

Married to the Game airs Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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