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Fetty Wap Is Thankful He Can Take Care of His Family


ABC/Randy Holmes

There’s no denying that last year was a triumphant one for Fetty Wap. With his massive chart success including his breakout hit “Trap Queen,” Fetty is proud of his career accomplishments, including making his first million dollars. However, the rapper recently told ABC Radio that the one thing he appreciates most about his new-found success is his ability to help his family.

“I made my mom quit her job, I made my father quit his job. I take care of my nieces and my little sister — she got twins. I just gave one of my brothers my cars and he’s about to move in with my mom,” says Fetty, who recently shared a picture of the generous gifts he gave to his mom last month.

He continues: “I bought my mom two houses and almost four cars, and I don’t try to put my life out there like I’m better than anybody cause I know how it feel to not have nothing.”

Looking to the future, Fetty’s biggest goal for the next five years is a personal one. “You know I’ve always been waiting for somebody to ask me this question and the answer never change, five years from now I’m going to take my son to school in my Ferrari.”

In related news, Fetty is already working on the follow-up his self-titled debut album.

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