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Fetty Wap Dedicates New Track, Wake Up, to Class of 2016


ABC/Randy HolmesFetty Wap dropped a new single Wednesday titled, “Wake Up” from his forthcoming sophomore album which is slated to be released this fall.

It comes only one day after the Patterson, New Jersey rapper added his latest track “My Environment,” to his SoundCloud.

On Twitter, Fetty explains that the track “Wake Up” is a dedication to the class of 2016 and an opportunity to reflect on his own school days.

“School was never really important to me,” he writes. “I hated when that alarm clock went off, my moms coming in my room to wake me up. I wanted to do things my own way and school was in the way.

“My eye made it more of a struggle,” he continues. “When you’re different from everyone else, people, especially kids, remind you of that every day. Kids didn’t really rock with me like that. I kept to myself and just tried to stay under the radar. I ended up dropping out without really having a plan.”

“Wake Up” is available on Fetty Wap’s SoundCloud.

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