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Estelle Loves Mary J. Blige’s London Sessions; Admires Sam Smith


Image Courtesy Capitol RecordsThis year saw the release of Mary J. Blige‘s latest album, The London Sessions, which was recorded entirely in England and featured contributions from top U.K. talent including Disclosure, Emile Sandé, Naughty Boy and Sam Smith, among others. British songbird Estelle  says MJB’s latest is reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse.

“I love it. It makes me almost feel like if Amy was alive. These are the producers that she’d be working with alongside Salaam Remi. Still it feels that vintage and it feels that clean,” the singer tells ABC News Radio. “And it’s great to hear Mary back at real life for everybody. I love everything Mary does, she could fart on a song and it would be great.”

Estelle continues, “So it’s great to hear her just in a space where she’s experimenting and trying something new and trailblazing yet again. As an American artist to do it over there and do it with pure British artists, that’s a huge look for a lot of the new generation and I’m personally thankful that she could do that for them.”

Estelle, who is currently recording her upcoming album True Romance, also is excited about the current explosion of British talent making a mark in the U.S., and the stellar year Sam Smith has enjoyed in particular.

“Sam Smith is amazing and his spirit is so cool. I think he deserves everything,” she says. “He’s funny, he’s living his life, he’s young, he’s proud of who he is and it makes me happy.”

Estelle adds that the climate is great at the moment for British singer in America. She says she used to have to come to the States in part just to help her make a mark back home.  But now British singers are finding a home here.  “I think that door has been kicked off the hinge with me doing it and winning the Grammy. So it’s like, ‘Yeah, the Brits are here and we’re not going anywhere! We’re all here!'” she says. “And it’s great to see [Sam] and the Jessie [J]’s. You know, I want to see more of the kids that I grew up with doing the same thing now.”

Estelle’s True Romance arrives February 17, 2015, via Established 1980 Inc/BMG. The singer is planning a North American tour to promote her first independent release.

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