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Empowerment Program Graduation



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  1. Sabrina Murphy

    Hey, guys! I hope y’all get this comment for a show topic idea because I couldn’t find anywhere else to comment. But I was thinking maybe after y’all do “Dede’s mind bender” (or as Lady Jade calls it: HEADBUSSAH! Haha), y’all could look up on the internet some really good “would you rathers”, or officially named, hypotheticals! Those are a fun way to engage the listeners and wake you up and make you really think! Another game idea I had was you could play the “marry, mess around, kill” game with 3 celebrities. Of course you could do many variations of this game and interchange any of the three verbs with ones of your own and be creative with it! I just really enjoy the little games that y’all play and yelling at the radio along with you guys and I would love to do more of that with y’all! Hope you guys liked my ideas!

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