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Eminem Makes Awkward Appearance on ESPN College Football Telecast


blogmedia-M_Eminem630_031912.jpg exactly was on Eminem‘s mind during his awkward appearance on ESPN’s college football telecast on Saturday night? Clearly, not the questions that the broadcasters were asking him — at least, not at first.

Eminem dropped by the announcers’ booth during the Michigan-Notre Dame football game to promote a sneak peek of his video for “Berzerk,” which aired during the telecast. The interview began with Em staring off into space as he was asked a question by broadcaster Brent Musburger, who referred to the rapper by his given name, Marshall.

Emimem replied, “Sorry, live TV freaks me out a little bit.” He then asked Musburger to repeat himself.

Eminem eventually chatted a little bit about his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which will be released November 5. He also discussed his beloved Detroit Lions before praising Musburger as a legend in the broadcast business.

When Musburger called Em a legend in his own right, the rapper paused, then said, “I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“Berzerk” is the new theme for ESPN’s Saturday-night football telecast.

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