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Eminem Makes Awkward Appearance on ESPN College Football Telecast

by exactly was on Eminem‘s mind during his awkward appearance on ESPN’s college football telecast on Saturday night? Clearly, not the questions that the broadcasters were asking him — at least, not at first.

Eminem dropped by the announcers’ booth during the Michigan-Notre Dame football game to promote a sneak peek of his video for “Berzerk,” which aired during the telecast. The interview began with Em staring off into space as he was asked a question by broadcaster Brent Musburger, who referred to the rapper by his given name, Marshall.

Emimem replied, “Sorry, live TV freaks me out a little bit.” He then asked Musburger to repeat himself.

Eminem eventually chatted a little bit about his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which will be released November 5. He also discussed his beloved Detroit Lions before praising Musburger as a legend in the broadcast business.

When Musburger called Em a legend in his own right, the rapper paused, then said, “I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“Berzerk” is the new theme for ESPN’s Saturday-night football telecast.

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