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DJ Premiere Campaigns for Gang Starr Biopic


Martyn Goodacre/Getty ImagesThe tremendous box office success of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton is making Hollywood hungry for more hip-hop films, and DJ Premier is putting in his bid for a Gang Starr biopic.

Premier was a member of the duo with the late MC Guru, and he tells Rolling Stone that their story is as compelling as the life of N.W.A. “All the wild groupie parties; all the shootings, everything.” he says.” We went through crazy, crazy s***, and in order for it be as authentic as Straight Outta Compton, it has to be pretty much like that. We went through a wild, wild journey.”

Premier, who was born Christopher Martin, worked with Dr. Dre on Dre’s new Compton album, and he saw the passion the iconic producer had to make the film. “It took over 20 years to do N.W.A and Dre told me, ‘I wanted to do it because I didn’t want [anyone] to mess with what N.W.A stood for in the movie and not have it weaken our legacy,’ and it’s the same thing with Gang Starr.”

The Gang Starr DJ is working with Guru’s sister to develop the project, and he’s anxious to see his life on the big screen. “I want it to be as authentic as possible,” he says. “I want to cover everything that really went down with us…I’d be as hands-on as Dre.”

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