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Director Confirms Beyonc? and Jay Z’s Action-Film Trailer is Video for “Part II (On the Run)”


Beyonce.comMany people assumed Beyonce and Jay Z’s star-studded faux movie trailer was created to promote their upcoming “On the Run” concert tour. However, director Melina Matsoukas has revealed that the cinematic clip was designed to accompany Jay’s new single, “Part II (On the Run).”

“With this song, it’s actually a music video — I know everyone’s calling it a trailer, which I guess it is as well. But it’s a music video for his song ‘Part II (On The Run),'” Matsoukas said during an interview with Elle.

So what inspired the over-the-top visual? She explains that Jay doesn’t want to do a “normal music video” at this point in his career.

“We were trying to come up with a way to visualize the song that wasn’t something that we’ve seen before,” she says. “So I came up with this whole movie trailer idea and it just kind of progressed from there. We were talking about trying to hide the fact that it was a music video and the idea was to release this trailer for this blockbuster that you’ll never see.

Surprisingly, she says the project almost didn’t happen. “Beyoncé was definitely really excited. Jay was a bit skeptical but we were able to kind of force him into it,” Matsoukas recalled. “He’s always interested in doing something different so I think that part was exciting to him. I think he was hesitant about ‘Oh, now I have to be an actor.’ I was like ‘If it works, great. If not, then we’ll cut around it and make it a more typical video.'”

Despite fans launching a petition via to have a full feature film made, the director says that it unlikely to occur. “It’s coming never! Sorry guys! Unless Beyoncé and Jay Z decide to change that,” she said.

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