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Did Kirk Get His Side Piece Pregnant?


Last night on Love And Hip Hop, Kirk went on a “boys weekend” with Benzino and Bobby V. It turned out that the “boys weekend” included a bunch of women – including BAMBI from Basketball Wives and a “model” named Mary Jane.

During that weekend, something POPPED OFF between Kirk and Mary Jane (we’re not going to SPOIL IT – but you’ll see on next weeks episode). Anyways – fast forward to now.

Mary Jane has been quietly telling friends that she’s pregnant. And she’s working with producers of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – to flip her pregnancy into a recurring role on next season of Love And Hip Hop.

Wow . . . we’re not sure WHO is the bigger dummy . . . Kirk or Rasheeda. Shouts to Mary Jane though, for pulling the HUSTLA MOVE to get on the show.

(via MediaTakeout)

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