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Check Out Dr. Phil’s Full Interview with DMX


Ruff Ryders

In case you missed it, DMX has given his most revealing interview to date appearing on Dr. Phil’s television show on Wednesday.  The full interview has been posted online, and in it fans can witness the troubled rapper telling the world that he is trying his best to change his life following his multiple arrests, bankruptcy and erratic behavior.

“I just need people to look at me as I speak and know who I am by what I say,” said X, “Not by what you see in the newspaper and not by what you read.  You can tell a lot about a person by looking at them in the eyes.”

While X admits that finding balance between work and family life has been difficult, he says he loves each of his 11 kids.  “I do have a relationship with my children, and I love my children,” he says. “I would never just not be a part of my children’s lives. That doesn’t make sense.”

At one point during the one-hour interview, the rapper tells Dr. Phil he has no regrets even with all he has endured.  “I wouldn’t redo anything,” he said. “It got me right here, where I’m at right now.  I’m in a good place, no regrets.”

In addition to woking on a new album, the rapper’s publicist, Domenick Nati, tells ABC News Radio that fans will be able to catch DMX performing this Saturday in York, Pennsylvania at The Belmont.

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DMX on Dr. Phil (Full Episode) from Domenick Nati on Vimeo.

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