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Its Hot in Texas but how hot is it?

Its been over 100 degrees in DFW all week long, but we want to know how hot is it? Whats is the best line you can come up with? Fill in the blank… “Its so hot outside that___________________________!” It's so hot outside __________! Fill in the blank what's your best line? "Its so hot outside… Read more »

2 Chainz House Demolished!

The “Eiffel Tower of Atlanta” is being knocked down. The pink trap house made famous by 2 Chainz and his “Pretty Girls love Trap Music” albulm cover is being demolished. Though its an iconic place in hip-hop the city is ready for it to be gone. 2 Chainz on the other hand believes it’s an… Read more »

Listeners Voice

Want to know how DeDe In The Mornig listeners really feel? Check out Listeners Voice, where our listeners get real! [Clink link to hear the voicemails and the reactions]

What the hell you doing at the courthouse?!

Lady Jade ran into a real “trapper”! Find out exactly how many 1000’s of pounds this man got caught with on What the Hell you doing at the courthouse? with Lady jade… [clink the link below to listen now]

Jobs Available

If you are looking for work or even assistance programs check out the link below to hear about some help…