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Michael Shawn You Are Doing Too Much!

The Comedian Michael Shawn does the most but he has a list of people that are DOING TOO MUCH!!! You have to hear who made it on the list between teammates fighting in the locker room and an R&B artist making mouth love to her microphone, Mike had to let them know You Are Doing… Read more »

Anderson Paak with DeDe In The Morning!

Anderson Paak came through to hang out with the DeDe in the Morning crew and of course DeDe got in his business. You have to hear what he said it’s like to hang with Snoop Dogg and other rappers we got the scoop on that stoner story and a whole lot more check it out!… Read more »

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?!

Have you ever had to whoop one of your in-laws? A woman whooped her man’s sister and was charged with burglarizing her own home! You have to hear the what this girl told Lady Jade when she asked “WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?! Only with DeDe in the Morning…

We The Worst Records Happy Holidays!

The cold must have gone to Michael Shawn’s head because he was feeling festive! If your Christmas is any thing like Mike’s version of 12 Days of Christmas it might be the Worst Holiday season you have ever had!  Check out We the Worst Record’s 12 Days with DeDe in the Morning…  

Lori The Dream Lady with DeDe In The Morning

Do you have reoccurring dreams, but you don’t know what they mean? Let Lori the Dream Lady help you understand what is happening in your head! Check out how Lori helped some of DeDe in the Morning listeners…

Jobs Available

If you are looking for a job or even just a little assistance from your community, you have to hear what Ms. Community has for you. Find out what companies are hiring and what programs are being provided for you or your family… Only with DeDe In the Morning!