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DeDe’s Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: In one weekend Cardi B broke up with her boyfriend and was kicked out of a hotel for alleged marijuana possession. DeDe in the Morning makes her husband upset while on stage… [Listen Below]

Fight Night

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Anonymous got into physical altercation at the club and again at the 7-11. He ended up getting arrested for the first time but says it’s not his fault because…[Listen Below]

Trump On The First Date

DeDe’s Date Fail: Tyler went on a date with a girl he met at Home Depo. He said thought everything went well but according to Vanessa, she’d never date him because…[Listen Below]

Future & Young Thug Drop Mixtape

This mixtape is hot like fish grease! Future and Young Thug released an anticipated project at midnight called, “Super Slimey.” To check out the playlist [Click Here]