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The child support lawyer is here to help with any questions you may have about your case. Listen to see if you had the same questions or similar situations to other listeners… [Click and Listen]


Michael Shawn CAN do wrong and that’s exactly what he did to one of your favorite songs. He makes the worst music you could ever want to hear but you just can’t help but listen. Find out which one of your favorite songs he ruined! All thanks to We the Worst records! [Click and Cringe]

What the hell you doing at the Courthouse?

Lady Jade loves crime, that’s why she wants to know What The Hell You doing At the Courthouse? We guess its like Kevin Gates said ” I got 2 phones one for the plug and one for the load” When Lady jade saw this guy walking out of court with two phones and she knew… Read more »


Miss Community can help you if you are in need of assistance, whether it be jobs, or financial aid Dianne knows how to help you! Listen to see what programs and events are happening in your community… [Click the link below]

Things Your Spouse Should Never Know About You!

DeDe in the Morning came across a list of things that men should never let their spouse know about, but in reality this list goes for everybody… Check out the list and all of DeDe’s Hot Topics! 1) Never admit to CHEATING! 2) Never tell them about your most embarrassing moments. 3) Never tell them… Read more »

DeDe’s De”Cypher”

DeDe in the Morning and the team love to play games, especially brain games! That’s why DeDe wants you to decipher the lyrics to songs that they changed from slang into cooperate terminology. Check out DeDe’s De”Cypher” [Click, Listen and Laugh]


Find out how being sleepy can land you in jail and talking to Lady Jade about What the Hell You Doing at the Courthouse?! [click and listen]