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Starbucks Closing Stores

Starbuck is going to close majority of their stores nationwide to ensure their employees take a “Racial Bias Course.” DeDe in the Morning things this is very….[Listen Below]

I’m Not A Killer But Don’t Push Me

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Anonymous had to put those paws on someone for dumping a cigarette a little to close to her. She said it started by talking to a guy who she had no clue was…[Listen Below]

We The Worst Records

It’s “We the Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn has a brand new joint, but even better, he’s signed new artist to the label. Meet Flip and Meka Bad…[Listen Below]

Jobs Availalbe

If you need a job or know of someone who is looking, Miss Community, Diane Gibson has the latest on jobs available in the DFW…[Listen Below]

DFW’s Most Talented

In this weeks edition of “DFW’s Most Talented,” it’s team DeDe with G Styles, versus Lady Jade’s guy Big Rick rapping a crunk gospel song…[Listen Below]

Scary Zodiac Traits

What’s your zodiac sign? Many know of the good attributes of a Leo, Gemini, Cancer, etc. but do you know their downfalls ? [Listen Below]