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DeDe in the Morning can SANG!

Did you know DeDe in the Morning can sing!!! DeDe loves a good Christmas Carol and she got caught in the act. What do you think about DeDe and her sangin’?

You Are Doing Too Much!

Sometimes we have to let people know when they are taking things too far, sometimes you just want to tell some one to sit their butt down. Michael Shawn has his list of people that he has to let know “You Are Doing Too Much!” Listen and let us know if you agree with this… Read more »

Conspiracy Theories of 2018

Steph Curry doesn’t believe we went to the Moon! When DeDe in the Morning heard Steph say this it got her thinking about all the conspiracy theories. DeDe has your top Conspiracies of 2018 check them out! Do you agree with any of them?  

Who Is The King Of R&B?

After Jacquees claimed to be the King of R&B it started a huge debate in the music world, but DeDe in the Morning wants to know what do the fans think. Who do you think is the real King of R&B?  

Single Mom Shopping Spree!

Christmas is so close and a lot of single moms are struggling to give their kids the Christmas they deserve, but this lucky mom was blessed by DeDe in the Morning and IJUSTGOTHIT.COM with a $500 shopping spree to Target! Listen to her story…  

We The Worst Records Just Go Outside!

Just because it’s Christmas that isn’t going to stop Michael Shawn from ruining your favorite holiday songs. This song will definetly make you not want to stay… Check out We The Worst Records Can’t Stay only on DeDe in the Morning!    

Kids Bed Time?

When DeDe found out her friends sends her kids to bed by 7pm, it got DeDe in the Morning wondering is that the normal bed time for kids? Do you send your kids to bed so they can get the proper rest they need or is it because your tired and don’t want to deal… Read more »