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What’s poppin’ w/ T.I. and Tiny?

Bernice spoke out about the nature of her relationship with T.I…She says she was just working on a movie with him, but she didn’t go into details about it…As far as why she went back and forth with Tiny..She said social media and other people got the best of her, and she felt like she… Read more »

Who Comes First To Men

Lady Jade saw a post on IG that asked who should come first in a mans life, his mom, daughter, or wife. Michael Shawn said definitely his…[Listen Below]

Trump’s Ban On Transgender

DeDe’s Hot Topics: Although he promised to protect the LGBT community, Donald Trump has banned the transgender community from the military…[Listen Below]

Kim Kardashian Expecting

This is exciting news! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting another baby! Considering Kim has had a few problems in the past with pregnancy, she has decided to hire a surrogate. The 20 year old from San Deiego, Ca will be getting paid a whopping…[click here]