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Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning

Those reoccurring dreams mean something, they could have a deep meaning, or maybe you are putting way too much meaning into them. Find out what your dreams mean for your with Lori the Dream Expert only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Lady Jade

Lady Jade’s Emotional Affairs

Lady Jade knows the signs of you having an emotional affair… If you don’t know what that means you have to listen to this you may be having one and not even know it! Find out with DeDe in the Morning  

Jobs Available

We are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. with some major events that you can benefit from. You have to hear what Ms. Community has for you including, jobs and assistance! Find out how your community can help you only with DeDe in the Morning…  

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse with Lady Jade

Lady Jade always hears the best stories when she hangs oout at the courthouse and this Og did not disappoint… Find out what happen when Lady Jade asked him “WTH You doing at the Courthouse?!” Only on DeDe in the Morning