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DeDe’s Silly Injuries

DeDe in the Morning might need knee surgery all because she was playing with her dog Dak, but she knows she’s not the only one that has hurt them self doing something stupid. She asked the listeners to let her know about their silly injuries and they did not disappoint… Listen and Laugh with DeDe… Read more »

Lady Jade

Lady Jade Said He’s Bad in Bed!

You don’t have to kiss every frog to know they aren’t Prince Charming, and you don’t have to sleep with a guy to know if they are good in bed! Lady Jade knows the signs that someone is bad in bed, listen, laugh and you decide if these are signs you will look for to… Read more »

Jobs Available

Your City has a lot going for it and a lot of ways to help you out! Take a listen because Miss Dianne Gibson has all the information you could need about your city. Jobs, assistance programs, events and so much more … Only with DeDe in the Morning!