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Leaving Because the Wife Gained Weight!

What would you do if your significant other gained 60lbs? Would you want to leave the marriage? Lady Jade saw an old friend who said he wants to leave his wife because she gained weight after 13 years. Listen to what the team and other listeners said and drop a comment to tell us what… Read more »

We the Worst Records “Plasma Remix”

Michael Shawn loves to make fun of all types of situations and struggles, even donating Plasma to make some extra cash! You have to hear We the Worst Records new remix called “Plasma” only on DeDe in the Morning.  

Lori the Dream Lady with DeDe in the Morning

Reoccurring dreams and nightmares can mean something way different then you thought. If you want to know what your dreams really mean listen to the Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning.      

Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

Churches in Dallas are being vandalized, Michael Strahan is back in court because his ex wife wants more child support, and Jeezy is a real romantic. Find out about these Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning.  

Jobs Available

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Miss Community keeps telling you if you are looking for work then you need to be listening to this. The Census Bureau is hiring, Amazon is hiring and giving information about how to get hired today. Stop looking and start applying and help your city out Dallas needs information about the climate… Read more »