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Comedian JJ Williams

Comedian JJ Williamson stopped by DeDe in the Morning to talk about how to start a proper joke, how he handles his daughter dating and what to expect this weekend at the Arlington Improv…[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: A Dallas teacher arrested for improper relationship with a minor. Southwest Airlines apologize to customers with $5000 credit. Cardi B tells everyone about her dream car….[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Hot Topics

Bernie Sanders agrees with Cardi B’s political views. Michael Shawn gives a list of things Cardi would do as president…[Listen Below]

Spice Up Your Relationship

Do you and your significant other need to spice up your relationship? Lady Jade has tips for DeDe in the Morning and anyone who needs a little bit of help…[Listen Below]

Listener Voice

Is there something you absolutely love about the morning show? Is there a thing or two that you don’t really like? Let DeDe in the Morning know by leaving a voicemail. One listener said he can’t stand…[Listen Below]

Starbucks Closing Stores

Starbuck is going to close majority of their stores nationwide to ensure their employees take a “Racial Bias Course.” DeDe in the Morning things this is very….[Listen Below]