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National Joke Day

When it’s National Joke Day you know the DeDe In The Morning team has jokes! [Check em’ out now]

Hot Topics

Find out why Matt Lauer paid 20 million to his ex wife, and which rapper got kicked off a plane for being drunk on DeDe In The Morning’s Hot Topics! [click to hear the hot topics]

What The Hell You Doing At The Court House?!

Lady Jade might as well be a detective because she is always hunting down “criminals” to talk to! Lady Jade loves crime and that’s why she hangs out at the court house, just so she can find out “What The Hell You Doing At The Court House?!” Find out why this guy says he got… Read more »

We The Worst Records

Michael Shawn has ruined another song and this one might put you in your feelings! We The Worst Records presents Child Support! [click to listen]