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DEDE’S DM Need Relationship Advice

You know it is always going down in DeDe DM’s! DeDe is always getting different stories from our listeners asking for advice, guidance, or in this case whether or not this woman is wrong for thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend for beating her dog?! Tune in to hear more and let us know… Read more »

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?!

Christ, kids and the courthouse are just a few of Lady Jade’s favorites! What would you do if someone told you that they were in court for murder?! Find out more about this woman’s story only on DeDe In The Morning!

DeDe’s Hot Topics

The voice of Big Tex passed away recently, so who will be the next voice for the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas this year? Also, did you see who Brad Pitt was with at the Oscars?! But, what is up with these celebrities and their attitudes with them team?!

Jobs Available

Have you ever been incarcerated and struggling with finding a steady job? Are you having a hard time trying to pay your light bill on time? Well do not worry Miss Community has you covered! Tune in to find out more about these programs that will help you find a job and pay your bills… Read more »

What Zodiac Signs Hold The Longest Grudge?

Your zodiac sign can determine how long you are able to hold a grudge against someone. Are you an Aries that holds a grudge for 24 hours or a Capricorn like DeDe and you should not even apologize to them? Find out more about your zodiac sign grudges only on DeDe In The Morning!

DeDe’s Hot Topics

How far would you go to get a stuffed animal from Dave & Buster’s? Well this person actually started shooting!! Also, did you hear what Tristian Thompson gave Khloe Kardashian?! A BABY! Find out more only on DeDe In The Morning!