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DVSN’s New Track “Don’t Choose”

Priya has fell in love with the new DVSN’s album!..Check out Don’t Choose below!..I do not intend to infringe this copyright!

DeDe’s Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: In one weekend Cardi B broke up with her boyfriend and was kicked out of a hotel for alleged marijuana possession. DeDe in the Morning makes her husband upset while on stage… [Listen Below]

Fight Night

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Anonymous got into physical altercation at the club and again at the 7-11. He ended up getting arrested for the first time but says it’s not his fault because…[Listen Below]

Trump On The First Date

DeDe’s Date Fail: Tyler went on a date with a girl he met at Home Depo. He said thought everything went well but according to Vanessa, she’d never date him because…[Listen Below]