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Listener Voice

Is there something you absolutely love about the morning show? Is there a thing or two that you don’t really like? Let DeDe in the Morning know by leaving a voicemail. One listener said he can’t stand…[Listen Below]

Domestic Violence Victims

Coming up on May 10th is DeDe in the Morning’s charity bowl-a-thon, all proceeds benefit women who have suffered from domestic violence. To talk more about these unfortunate circumstances, Mrs. Debra Bowles from “A Woman Called Moses”…[Listen Below]

Deion Sanders Talks Draft

Hall of Famer Deion Sanders calls DeDe in the Morning to talk about the Cowboys, how they treated Dez Bryant and tonight’s NFL Draft…[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Hot Topics

The north Dallas shooter was found by DPD. Kanye West has his close friends and family worried about him. Meek Mill is a free man…[Listen Below]

Stay Out The Strip Clubs

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Adam was at the courthouse for an aggravating kidnapping case. He said he was messing around with a stripper who accused him of…[Listen Below]

We The Worst Wednesday

Aaaaayyeee!! It’s “We The Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn not only has a new member to the squad, but he’s also released a new joint…[Listen Below]

Meek Mill Released From Prison

The Supreme Court of PA overruled Judge Genece Brinkley after a long legal battle to free Meek Mill. From The Desk Of Meek Mill “I’d like to thank God, my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including Jay Z, Desiree Perez, my good friend Michael Rubin, my fans, The Pennsylvania Supreme… Read more »