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Dick Gregory, Comedian, Civil Right Activist, Dies at 84

It is with heavy hearts that we report, civil rights activist, author, and comedian Dick Gregory has died at age 84. Mr. Gregory passed away in Washington D.C. on Saturday, August 19 after suffering from an aneurysm. Below is a post from Gregory’s Instagram page written by his son, Christian Gregory, confirming the death. It… Read more »

Solar Eclipse Myths

Today is solar eclipse day! DeDe in the Morning gives a few myths about the solar eclipse…[Listen Below]

Condom Sense

DeDe’s Date Fail: Rick met a girl named Amber online and eventually brought her out to eat. She admitted that everything was good up until he pulled out his wallet and…[Listen Below]

Football Player Gets Jailed

What the hell are you doing the courthouse: What do ex football players do for fun in jail? Jerold got pulled over in Desoto and had to sit in jail for 10 months. He said he didn’t get to go outside so for recreation he tried…[Listen Below]

Inside The Mind of Jay Z ! In depth Interview

In a lot of eyes, and I do mean A LOT, Jay Z is considered the Greatest Rapper to ever do it and if not the greatest he’s close. Now you may agree you may think his music is just aight but what you can’t deny is the continued success and admiration from millions of… Read more »