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Tracy Rogers Knows Your Signs with DeDe in the Morning

Find out what is best for your Zodiac sign! Dating is hard enough so maybe knowing what signs are more compatible with yours can make it a little easier. Take a listen and find out if DeDe in the Morning and Tracy Rogers can help your dating life…    

Hot Topics Grammys Edition

The Grammys happen and now some people are mad that they did! Cardi B is defending herself and her Grammy win, but she might need to defend her self from Michael Shawn… DeDe in the Morning can tell you about the real Hot Topics!  

Jobs Available

Ms. Dianne Gibson has some great news you can use, you can find out about companies hiring, assistance programs you or a family member can use or even events happening in your hood. If you have questions about what your community can do for you take a listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning!