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DeDe in the Morning’s Confrontation Workplace Thief

Have you ever had some one from work steal something of yours? You knew who it was but not how to confront them? DeDe in the Morning is ready to help her co-workers with her new segment called “Confrontation”! Listen and get ready to laugh when we confront the workplace thief. Do you think he… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Stayed After They Cheated

Would you stay with someone that cheated and ended up having a side baby? DeDe in the Morning got a DM asking for her advice on staying with their cheater. Find out what some of our listeners think about DeDe’s DM…  

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?

DeDe in the Morning believes every relationship should teach you something, so she wants to know what lesson did you learn from your last relationship? What did some one do in your last relationship that you knew you weren’t going to deal with in your new one? Drop a comment and check out what some of our listeners… Read more »

DeDe in the Morning with Attorney Yodit

DeDe in the Morning wanted a legal point of view for the Jussie Smollett case so she brought attorney Yodit in and according to her Jussie could be facing jail time! Listen to find out more about his possible charges.  

Jobs Available

If you could use a little help then you need to listen to this! Ms. Community has information on jobs, assistance programs and events happening in your city. Find out how your city can help you with DeDe in the Morning!  

DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics

Do you check your kids phones? One man was posing as a 13 year old girl and asking young boys send him pics! 21 Savage is dealing with ICE and Country Wayne had to explain himself to Jess Hilarious after he was seen smiling at his baby mama! Find out more about these Hot Topics… Read more »

DeDe In The Morning’s Hot Topics

Jussie Smollett has spoken out about the attack and he is mad, but do you believe any thing he had to say? Take a listen to DeDe’s Hot Topic’s and you be the judge was it a setup?  

5 Gift Ideas for When You are Broke on Valentine’s Day

We don’t always have the funds we need to buy the gifts and do the things when we want but Lady Jade thinks she knows some way to make up for the lack of money. Listen to see if any of her ideas can work for you only with DeDe in the Morning!