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Bridget Kelly Readies “Shocking” Debut Album, “All or Nothing”


Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for HiltonAt a recent performance at the Our Stage. Your Story. event in Los Angeles, Bridget Kelly surprised the crowd by performing new material, which will appear on her debut album, All or Nothing. The singer explained to ABC News Radio what’s caused the delay in releasing a full set of work, especially since its been six months since she issued her EP Cut to…Bridget Kelly.

“So I’ve scrapped everything and by everything I mean literally everything,” she says of the project, which was previously titled Something Different. “I felt like I lost my way a little bit in the direction and I think it had to do with, one, spending too much time on it, and two, over-thinking it. You know, I was kind of wracking my brain to fill in pieces that I felt like were missing and I just said, ‘Let me just go back to the drawing board and really dig deeper this time and try to get the most out of this story I’m trying to tell.'”

In starting over, Bridget says she felt compelled to give her fans an honest look into her life. “Once you start getting below the surface you’re really letting people in, you can’t half-a** it, which I think was why All or Nothing as the title was so empowering to me, because it meant that I really couldn’t shy away from anything that I might have not wanted to say or might have been insecure about feeling.”

She also warns that her material is “going to raise some eyebrows.” The singer explains, “I think people are going to be a little shocked about some stuff that I’m going to say. And I think a little shock value it good, if I can induce any reaction, then it means people are listening and that’s the most important thing.”

So how many tracks has she completed? Bridget says, “I would say I’m half-way done.” She adds, “And the vibe with this work is that all of the transitions are fluid, so every song goes into the next. So last night I did, ‘I Won’t Cry’ which goes into ‘Almost More,’ which is another song on the album.”

Bridget continues, “That’s kind of the idea for the album — it’s really just to feel it out, you know, and not rush it, not rush a vibe. I’m not going in with any specific topics I feel like I need to talk about, I’m going with whatever the natural, organic flow is this time around.

Fans can anticipate All or Nothing to arrive later this year.

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