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B.o.B Auditioned for Straight Outta Compton


Jimmy Fontaine/Atlantic RecordsEveryone is still talking about the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, including B.o.B who reveals that he actually auditioned for a role in the movie to no avail.

In an interview with XXL, Bobby Ray explains his thoughts after watching the film in theaters. “I was watching the movie and I knew the whole take. It was good practice though,” he says. “But for somebody who’s like me who has to develop my acting ability, you have to really go as hard as you do with music. But truly, what acting is, is just being. You have to tap into that, that’s the gift.”

The rapper says that he auditioned for two different roles. “They tried me out for Dr. Dre and for Ice Cube,” he says before revealing that it was challenging vocally to deliver lines. “Cube is more low with it and Dre is more cerebral. So it’s crazy getting into their different characters. It was fun though and it was a good experience for me to do that.”

Although he hired an acting coach but did not get the part, Bobby adds, “I did pretty good, considering. But they cast the really good actors and they got Ice Cube’s son to play Ice Cube. It couldn’t have gotten better than that. That s*** was crazy.”

Straight Outta Compton led weekend movies with more than $60 million earned at the box office.

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