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# 1 Halloween Candy

Halloween may be canceled in a lot of places but you can still enjoy candy! DeDe has the # 1 candy for different states and in some cases you may be happy you live in Texas. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!  

Things You Have to Teach Your Kids Before 18

If you could go back in time, what lessons would you have wanted to learn before you turned 18? DeDe wants to know what are some things you wish some one taught you or you plan on teaching your kids before they are 18? Money, love, health, credit, relationships? Drop your comments for DeDe in… Read more »

Beast Of The Week – Collier (DeSoto) & Wigenton (Garland)

This week’s K104 BEAST OF THE WEEK game balls go to Samari Collier of DeSoto and Damerian Wiginton of Garland! @RonMurrayJr · Collier (DeSoto) & Wiginton(Garland) Named K104 Beasts of the Week Samari Collier (DeSoto) – Collier was dominant in DeSoto’s 62-29 victory over Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill. The Illinois commit had 264 passing yards along… Read more »

Beasts Of The Week – Hatley (Lebanon Trail) & Jones (McKinney

This week’s K104 BEAST OF THE WEEK game balls go to Greg Hatley of Frisco Lebanon Trail and Jon Jones of McKinney! @RonMurrayJr · Hatley (Lebanon Trail) & Jones (McKinney) Named K104 Beasts of the Week Greg Hatley (Frisco Lebanon Trail) – The Do-It-All sophomore was everywhere in Lebanon Trail’s 34-33 victory over Frisco Memorial…. Read more »

Good Hood Meals

No matter how much money you have everyone has had a “Hood Meal”. Rudy Rush has a list of food that is considered hood. It sounds like DeDe in the Morning has had all the hood foods, listen, laugh and find out which hood foods you have indulged in too.  

Things Grown Women Should Know

If a woman is really grown there are certain things they should know. DeDe in the Morning has a list of tips that can let you know if a girl is actually a woman. Lady Jade said she still has some growing to do, listen and learn if you have some growing to do too…. Read more »

How To Compliment Women

Lady Jade wants you to understand there is a fine line between a nice compliment and a creepy comment. What may sound good in your head may sound perverted in real life, so Lady Jade is going to help you out with a lesson on complimenting women. You have to hear her advice because you… Read more »

The Secrets Men Keep

Men keep ALOT of secrets! DeDe is putting the guys on the spot, she is trying to find out what are the things men lie about most. DeDe in the Morning has a whole list of secrets men keep so listen, laugh and ask your significant other what secrets they are keeping, that should be… Read more »