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August Alsina Aims to Make His Mom Proud with Newly Released Debut Album, “Testimony”


Def JamThis week saw the release of August Alsina‘s full-length debut album, Testimony, which included his club anthem “I Luv This Sh**”; and the singer says he’s not concerned with what his critics think of the project, he only wants to make his mom proud.

“Some people are happy and then some people just probably [are] not,” Aug tells ABC News Radio, referring to what he expects some detractors might feel about his album.  But he says he’s never be the sort of person to worry about what haters might think. “I always just want to see the next person happy and doing whatever it is that they do, but all I know is that my mom is happy.”

He continued, “She’s probably my biggest fan and that’s really all that matters.”

August also credits his mother for raising him into a unique individual, which he says helps to separate him from his R&B peers.

“My momma didn’t raise them and they momma ain’t raise me. They didn’t live my life and I didn’t live theirs. We got our own story, we got our own struggle,” he says. “No matter if you say, ‘Nah, you look like this person, you sound like that person,’…there can never be another Aug, that just can’t be.”

The crooner decided to share his story by writing from personal experiences on Testimony, which became a difficult process that he felt obligated to share.

“I always struggled with, and still struggle with, how much of myself do I give to the people, because I’ve honestly never been the type of guy to tell my business to nobody. But I also said that if I don’t keep it honest, I could be cheating myself,” August explains. “I’m cheating the people and I’m cheating God, because of the position that he put me in right now. You know, it’s so many people out there like me, I can help a lot of people.”

The singer’s 13-track project boasts guest appearances from FabolousTrinidad Jame$, B.o.B, Yo Gotti and Rick Ross, and also features the Jeezy-assisted single “Make It Home.”

Testimony is available now.

Here’s the track list for Testimony:

“Make It Home” feat. Jeezy
“Right There”
“You Deserve”
“No Love”
“Porn Star”
“FML” feat. Pusha T
“Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money” feat. Fabolous
“Ghetto” feat. Yo Gotti
“Kissin’ on My Tattoos”
“Ah Yeah”
“Benediction” feat. Rick Ross

Bonus Tracks:
“I Luv This Sh**” feat. Trinidad Jame$
“Numb” feat. B.o.B & Yo Gotti

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