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Alicia Keys Talks Life Lessons, Songwriting and Upcoming Projects


During an interview with Origin Magazine, Alicia Keys speaks candidly about her growth as an artist, her writing process and touring to further support her latest album, Girl on Fire.

When it comes to life lessons, the singer admits that she was “closed off in every way” in an effort to “protect” herself at the beginning of her career.

I was robbing myself of all I could learn and experience,” she says.  “I thought I had to be perfect.  I would often make choices I thought would make everyone else happy.

With age comes wisdom, and after nearly two decades in the industry, Alicia says she is more centered.  “With each new day, I’m learning how to take control in order to have balance in my life,” she says.  “I plan time for myself and my loved ones and take it.  No one will take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself.  With all these lessons, I am much happier.

Often regarded as a brilliant songwriter, Alicia finds therapy in making music, especially dealing with heartbreak.  “I’ve always expressed myself best through writing,” she says.  “I’ve gotten out all of my deepest feelings that way for as long as I can remember…talking is the best way to deal with emotional pain.”

As for her new projects, the talented singer reveals there’s a lot on her plate.  In addition to touring and promoting her fifth studio effort, which she describes as an “extraordinary experience,” Keys is also enjoying life as the Global Creative Director for Blackberry.  Her role will help “inspire more women to explore technology and science as a career choice, and we’re supporting that beginning with a big scholarship initiative.”

She adds, “I’m also continuing to build my production company in film and television.”  And then she teases, “Of course, there will always be more music!”  Perhaps, her joint album with Maxwell will come sooner than you think!

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