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Alicia Keys on how she’s working to evolve the dialogue around beauty


ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

When Alicia Keys launched Keys Soulcare in 2020, she wanted it to be more than just another celebrity beauty brand.

In a new interview with Glossy, the singer and entrepreneur says she was looking to go beyond “just skin deep” — even as far as changing terminology around beauty, opting to call products “offerings” because “it is an offer to join a practice of paying attention to yourself.”

“We’re trying to evolve the dialogue around beauty and even what beauty standards mean, and what [those standards] do to us as humans,” Alcia says. “As women, we get caught up with feeling like we’re supposed to look a certain way or present ourselves a certain way.”

She adds, “It’s powerful to change existing concepts and allow beauty to be on the inside and how you’re fulfilling your soul and spirit. What makes you beautiful is when you are content and self-confident and know yourself.”

The most recent “offerings” for the brand dropped March 2 and include seven new ritual-based products, like an illuminating serum, a cleansing balm, a toner and a body gua sha tool.

Keys says she incorporates little rituals into her everyday life, using “mantras and affirmations” as a form of self-care and teaching her kids to do the same.

“I also love baths and sometimes read while in the tub or relax completely,” she says. “Journaling is another big one for me. [I] will write a stream of consciousness or reflect on what’s happening and how I feel.”

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