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$500 Single Mom’s Shopping Spree



12 Responses to “$500 Single Mom’s Shopping Spree”

  1. Shanta Scott

    I want to win so bad i have a 1yr old and a set of 3month yr old twins and no help

  2. Avery Watson

    Hey my name is Avery Watsonr l am a single mom I am only 23 trying to make it out here in Texas I am from greenville ms don’t really just have family out here so I’m trying the best I can but two weeks ago I just got fired from my job in Walmart been out searching every day since I have 2 little ones that mean the world to me and this will be the first Christmas I ain’t going to bout to get them anything and that is just eating me up in the inside that I have no money to get them anything its really problems on top of problems not even having the money yo pay my car note but the most important thing right now is my kids Christmas…… so plz DeDe and the family at k104 and I just got hit can yall please bless me with this yall would know how much it would mean to me I’ll feel that something good happen out of all this bad

  3. Shundra Rodgers

    Hey my name is Shundra Rodgers I am a single mom and have been for 16yrs I have 3 teenagers and I live in the hood of dallas TX lol teens are so very expensive and i wonder that I won’t make them as happy as i want them to be all I have right now is about $75 and I know that won’t get them about anything..i heard about this offer and I would love to win it would be a true blessing from God Thanks you may contact me at 214-709-8729

  4. Sophia Gipson

    Hey K104 crew and the I just got hit.come, Hi, my name is Sophia Gipson I’m a single mom of 5 kids, 16, 14, 6, 4, and 2, I can honestly say I was able to get my kids some things but not much, I have a good job, but between bills and just filing bankruptcy it put me behind on my Christmas shopping, I don’t recieve foodstamps, or any child support, so making ends meet everyday is difficult, I lost my mom in 2012 in Dec last year, so this is a hard month for me, I don’t have any family here so it’s very hard, I’m originally from Shreveport, La, And it’s just been hard. I’m 33, and anybody that knows me, knows I’m a go getter, I’ll go do hair, Uber just to make ends meet around my household, my oldest is very helpful if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t know how to make it, I hate when ppl assume because you got five kids you receive help from the government or you have different baby daddies, and it’s not like that, God bless me with my babies so I can stay strong and keep pushing, it’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think or cry about my mom not being here, my reason for wanting help, because I usually hide my pride when it comes to asking for help, I just recently had a surgery that couldn’t be post poned, and it happen days from Christmas, also days from my bday (which has never been important since I had my babies), and I’m not able to finish getting my kids the things they want from Christmas because now I’m on leave and my short term hasn’t kicked in and probably won’t until after the holidays, so it spoiled my kids xmas, even though my babies know the true meaning because I teach them, it’s just knowing that I’m not able to make them completely Smile for xmas day, especially my baby babies, Im just asking for some help because I know any funds I get will have to go to bills until I get back on my feet, I know there’s probably someone who less unfortunate but the situation Im in left my kids to not having the things they were looking forward to for Christmas, and this $500 will see that I can get them the things that they were wanting, Thank you guys so much in advance,I appreciate all that yall do, ~~Stay Blessed~~ P.s contact 469-544-2928

  5. Brooklyn Freeman

    It’s funny how several “single” moms that I know personally won this shopping spree, they have damn good paying jobs and are more than able to provide Xmas for theirs as well as others! I bust my ass everyday to feed my kids,to clothe them on 10.00 an hour. Bills up to my scalp, with proof of financial disability. I’m upset and feel that it’s not fair to the moms who really need it, o well congrats to the winners 😑

  6. Kendra Juccifruit Johnson

    Hi my name is Natriana and I am a child of a single mother who has 4 kids and who is unemployed. These last pass two months hasnt been so well for us .So hearing about this offer I decided to try it , if my mother could win it will be a blessing and a chance for my siblings and i to have something under the tree !!!

  7. Deide Gonzalez

    .Hi, i am a single mom of 3. I wish yall can help me out and get some Christmas presents for my babies. My oldest is 8 then 2yr old and a 1 yr old. Please k104 i would really appreciated it

  8. April Swan

    Hi my name is April I have three kids two of them is disable we just moved into our new address in rite now I just don’t have the money for Christmas this year I hope and pray that you all pick my kids for the Christmas give away so they can have something on Christmas.

  9. Kisha Bailey

    Go my name is nakisha Bailey. I’m a single mother of 3. I haven’t been able to give my kids a Christmas in the past 2 years because of financial situations, moving from family to family just to have a roof over our heads. My kids would be so grateful for a Christmas this year.

  10. Msa Cantu

    Hi my mom really needs to be picked for this she raising my 4 nephews she 66 and on a fixed income.she really needs this my name is Marissa 9402841430

  11. Sandis Karolina

    Hi my name is sandis and i am a single mother of 2 kids, a 5 year old and a 1 year old but im also helping my older sonia sister raise our little sisters because our mom passed away 2 years ago of cancer
    ,we have 3 of them under our care a 13 yr old,16 yr old,18 yr old .This last couple of years have been the worst ever since my mom passed away,nothing is as it will ever be anymore but we are healing little by little and we are asking for help because i know we wont be able to get all of them christmas presents due to financial problems and it would really be a blessing to see they’re faces full of joy for the first time in 2 years.Thank you my contact number is 817-884-7282

  12. Virgie Washington Sayles

    I’m not able to work right now so anything would help until I’m able to supporting my family again.

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