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50 Cent Talks G-Unit Reunion: Everyone Is Seasoned


G-Unit RecordsWhen a group disbands and later reunites, sometimes it can inadvertently affect their material. Fortunately for 50 Cent, he’s happy with the music that’s been recently released from G-Unit, which consists of Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and newcomer Kidd Kidd. The rap mogul tells ABC News that the group is now more seasoned, which has enhanced their recording process for their latest EP The Beast Is G-Unit.

“The process of making music is so much easier, because everyone is seasoned, like everyone will have their own idea,” 50 tells ABC Radio of the follow-up to 2014’s The Beauty of Independence.  “Banks will go upstairs and write his parts to songs and stuff like that, come back and lay his pieces. And Buck and Kidd Kidd will be able to, on the spot, write what they’re just doing right there. And Yay jumped in and out on the records, and it’s really just finding your spot on the song.”

The rapper adds that the hardest part in recording the six-song EP was deciding the song structure. “Because it doesn’t require five people on every record to get the thought across,” 50 says. “And knowing how to balance that out, you know, is the key to creating a good record.”

50 tells ABC Radio that their six-year hiatus before reuniting last year allowed them to create stronger song content.

“I can appreciate it from a fan perspective,” 50 says of their absence.  “Like creating music at the same time, you need a period of time where you step back and can find things to like about the culture, away from the things you’re creating.”

The Beast Is G-Unit, which includes the celebratory “Bring My Bottles” and hustlers’ anthem “I’m Grown,” is available now.

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