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Tyga Has A Secret Lifestyle???


Here is a posted today on the website Sandra Rose, What do you think are they talking about Tyga??
This rapper is known for his predilection for men in dresses. He is known to wine and dine shims, and even drops thousands of dollars on jewelry, shoes and handbags on them — as long as they hold his dirty little secret close to their fake breasts.
The rapper is very open and public about his relationship with a certain no-talent socialite, who uses him to make her relevant in the urban blogosphere. He is also using her just as he used his ex-wife as a beard for his secret down low excursions.
A well-connected source says this rapper can’t control his appetite for trannies, and at one time he was a frequent customer at an establishment in LA that caters to businessmen and ballers who prefer sex with cut and uncut transgenders.
The rapper runs with a crew of down low, big name rappers who pay Shemales to service them discretely in clubs VIP rooms, tour buses and hotel rooms. Then they go home to their unsuspecting wives and girlfriends.
These rappers don’t think they’re gay because the truth is too threatening to their manhood.
The cross-dresser is so well-kept that you never hear his name on the blogs. He does not want to ruin his meal ticket by talking to bloggers and Instagram gossip mongers about his famous sexual conquests.
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