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Top 5 Keys to Having a Better Booty w/ Mizz Tam K


Guest Model: Mizz Tam K (aka A Mermaid Named Siren)
Work As: Urban Super Model, Actress and Feature Entertainer
Instagram: miss_tam_k Snapchat: tamk_siren
Hometown: Houston

Top 5 Keys To Having A Better Booty + Secrets For Staying Sexy

What do you do to stay in shape?

Bicycle, Stairs, and ALOT of Water

What’s your fitness routine?

I work out 4 days a week for an hour

What’s your diet?

No Pasta, No Bread, No Soda

What celebrity booty do you admire most?

I Love Keshia Kaoir

How do you make what you’re working with…really work?

Give it like you already got it and people will treat you the same

What are the benefits of having a nice booty?

No Lines and Free Stuff

What are your top 5 keys to having a better booty?

The right clothes, diet, massages, exercise, and water. Sexy = Water

Do you have a special secret for staying sexy?

Water is key. It helps your skin glow and you remain youthful

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