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Top 5 Keys to Having a Better Booty w/ Jada


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Guest Model: Jada
Work As: Urban Super Model, Actress and Feature Entertainer
Instagram: jadababy88
Hometown: Marshall, Texas

Top 5 Keys To Having A Better Booty + Secrets For Staying Sexy

What do you do to stay in shape?

I try to eat healthy/ organic dance

What’s your fitness routine?

squats and booty massages

What’s your diet?

Healthy Organic

What celebrity booty do you admire most?

K. Michelle/My Wife 4 Life

How do you make what you’re working with…really work?

Wearing tights, fitted pants/shorts

What are the benefits of having a nice booty?

Having it look great in any dress or pants

What are your top 5 keys to having a better booty?

-make that booty look good
-better ex positions
-booty tricks
-feel better about yourself
-better body selfies

Do you have a special secret for staying sexy?

Squats, Massages and Twerking

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