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Beyonce Returns To Houston Home Church

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Beyonce goes to Houston home church offering her words of comfort and encouragement. Local outlet ABC13 reports: Beyonce’s “BeyGOOD” organization has teamed up with Bread of Life, Greater Houston Community Foundation and Texas Southern University to collect donations for those in need. Donations include: cots, blankets, pillows, baby products,… Read more »

Beyonce Launching A New TV Network?

Beyonce has racked up millions on her “FORMATION” Tour, and now she is once again looking to higher heights. Word on the street is that Bey is planning on launching a new TV Network. Now, what will a Beyonce TV Network look like you may ask? Well insiders say that the network will provide an… Read more »

Problems In The Bedroom For Beyonce?

Every couple has their problems but we really hope this isn’t true!! It seems that Beyonce and Jay Z may have some issues in the bedroom. It’s rumored that the couple have been having trouble conceiving baby #2 and they have turned to in vitro fertilization for help. A source told OK! Magazine “Even though… Read more »

Did Beyonce Hint At Another Baby?

The internet is going crazy right now!!! Now there’s a chance Beyonce is going to have another child. Why you said that you may ask? Well, Beyonce posted a new pic on Instagram with her buried in the sand with Blue Ivy sitting next to her and around her stomach, you can see a little… Read more »

Jay Z’s Family Upset At Beyonce For Hogging Up Her Hubby?

Not too long ago it seemed as though Jay and Bey was on the verge to splitsville, but now the two are inseparable and Jay’s family is hating it. This is what sources are saying: “There are a lot of hurt feelings. His mother and siblings feel like they’ve been cast aside,” explains the insider… Read more »

Guess What Jay And Bey Bought Blue Ivy For Her Birthday

Now, yesterday was Blue Ivy’s birthday and Jay and Bey went in for their daughter. According to some sources, Jay and Bey bought Blue her very own island off the coast of Thailand. I don’t know if Blue Ivy even know how big of a gift this was, she’s might be still wondering why they… Read more »