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Lil Wayne Lurker Told Cops Wayne Invited Me to His Crib


More detail are coming out on last weekend’s scare at Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion the guy who was lurking around Wayne’s house told cops he was there at Wayne’s invitation.
According To TMZ:
Cops were called at 3 AM Saturday after a suspicious person was seen creeping around the place. An eyewitness tells TMZ someone gave cops permission to come onto Wayne’s property and inside the house, but nothing unusual was found.
We’re told police then spotted the guy outside and grilled him. He said Lil Wayne had given him permission to come inside, but when cops told him Wayne wasn’t there the story kind of fell apart.
It’s a tense time for Wayne, who’s locked in a battle with his mentor Birdman and Cash Money.
In the end … the lurker had done nothing wrong. He did not enter the property so there was no crime. The guy left and the cops called it a day.

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