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Kanye & Kim Are Expecting Another Child?


Oh My!!! Word on the street, Kanye and his wife Kim are another child. Sources are saying that they are trying to be quiet about the news right now. Now According to OK! Magazine this what sources are telling them:
“She’s pregnant. I’ve heard that she’s passed the 12-week point, but that she and Kanye aren’t going to confirm it for at least a few more weeks. She’s really nervous about jinxing it, with everything they’ve been through.”

“To say that he’s happy that she’s carrying a boy is an understatement. One of each is perfect for them. Chances are, having gone through so much to conceive this baby, it will be their last…they aren’t really talking about what’s next. All they can do right now is make sure that this baby is being taken care of.”…

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