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BREAKING: Kanye Assaults A Teenager After Being Called A N***er!



Kanye West is facing charges again, this time it may not be his fault. Kanye allegedly attacked an 18-yr old teenager at a chiropractor’s office in Beverly Hills. Kim was at a Beverly Hills medial building when she got surrounded by the paparazzi. The teen tried to rescue Kim from the swarm of photographers and started screaming “F**k those fa**ot-ass n***ers!” referring to the paparazzi. Kim then told the teen that it was inappropriate to use the N-word and the teen then turned on her, and called her out of her name. Kim then called Kanye on her cell and when the teen realized that Kanye was on the phone he started shouting and saying “F*ck you N***er!”. Kanye showed up at the building and met with Kim then sources on the scene say that Kanye punched the guy and Kim began screaming “We have it all on tape!”. The 18-yr old did tell LAPD that he wanted to press charges and the matter will now be referred to the L.A. County D.A. office for possible prosecution. Kanye still faces assault charges involving a photographer attack at LAX. Looks like the drama just won’t stay away from these two!

Check out the video of Kim leaving the chiropractor’s office here. 

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